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Design Pricing


Design Pricing

Below are some of my most requested project pricing. If yours in not listed, drop me a line, I’d love to hear what you are working on!

NW Summit

Social Media Event Graphics / Seminar Flyers

Need a facebook graphic for an upcoming event or seminar? Need one for Instagram too? How about a facebook event image? Want to make printable posters too? I got you!

  • Facebook event graphic ( Used as your event photo, minimal typography, no info on it ) $50

  • Facebook Poster ( has all event info/ typography on it. Great for sharing across platforms. ) $75

  • Facebook Poster, Printable version, Event graphic, instagram version included $100

  • Ask about discounts for multiple flyers


Logo Design & Branding

Price varies depending on complexity and application

  • A simple logo begins at $75 up to $600

  • A full branding begins at $300 up to $2000


Art / Graphics Creation / Page layout

Need a sticker, T-shirt design, package design, Banner, business cards etc? I can help! Send me a message telling me about your project and I will send you a quote!


Web Marketing Consultation

Need help creating a Marketing plan, E-mail marketing, SEO, Facebook advertising ect.? I can help you take a look at your current marketing results, set goals, and create a solid plan for improvement. I have 6 years experience in web marketing, e-commerce, and social media for the largest privately owned luxury automotive company.

Let’s get a cup of coffee and help you create a plan for growth!

  • $50 an hour

  • Want to sign a contract with me for ongoing marketing management? Consultation is free!

10p Schedule.png

Infographics / schedules

  • Clear quality schedules for gyms etc. $100 (updates for one year)

  • Graphs and charts for presentations $75

  • Power Point presentation design $150

  • Org Charts $50 and up, depending on size

  • Any other info graphic you can think up


Website design

  • Help you familiarize yourself with a website builder such as squarespace to “do it yourself” $25/hr*

  • Use a website platform to completely build out your site, and then hand it over to you $30/hr*

  • Design a website from scratch, provide design files to be coded- Contact me for quote

* Full quote with time estimate provided before beginning any project