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I am new to video editing…

but I am having a blast! I am working with an iphone 7, a gimbal, Adobe Premiere pro, and the desire to tell a story. Sure, it’s been a bumpy ride. But I am really enjoying new tools, and new ways to tell a story!!


Steven Chang Promotion Video


Maui 2018


With my first video already under my belt, ( Gambler 500 below) it was time to step up my editing game. For this video I used Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time. I created both a full length movie for family, as well as this 6 Minute short to share online. In addition to these, I made a little one minute trailer for Instagram. You can see it HERE . I am really happy with how this video turned out. (the music is so much better now!!) I learned ALOT while creating it and look forward to my next one!


Gambler 500


I received a Gimbal for my iPhone for my birthday, and this was my first time using it. I really loved the smooth panning & tracking. This was my first time capturing video with intent to make a mini movie. It was fun making choices when to capture video, finding filler, thinking about what instances were needed to tell the story and choosing when to take photos. Normally I’m all about my DSLR. I used Adobe spark for easy editing. Improvement could be made with the song, and I decided next time I would use Adobe Premiere and up my editing and background song game.